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rent Babyzen Yoyo 6 Copenhagen

Babyzen Yoyo 6

Bring this stroller on the air plane, making your stopovers very comfortable. Enjoy strolling on your vacation with a modern and practical stroller. This is your ultimate traveling stroller.


Days Price pr. day
1 26 €
2-3 18 €
4-7 12 €
7-14 10 €
15+ 8 €


BABYZEN YOYO 6+ has an innovative and ultra-compact design. The stroller weighs only 6,2kg and is equipped with a basket, with the possibility of storing everything you need (can carry up to 5kg). The seat has a padded five-point belt, a shoulder belt to ensure easy transport. Reinforced suspension on all four wheels, which contributes to a flexible and comfortable ride in all terrain. This stroller is also great when traveling by plane. BabyZen YoYo is in fact produced by IATA's (International Air Transport Association) target cabin, which is 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. The dimensions of BabyZen YoYo is 52cm x 44 cm x 18 cm, which is within the specified maximum dimensions. Some low cost airlines do not follow the standard, therefore it is a good idea to contact the airline you will be traveling with before booking.



12 EUR per day