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Experience Christmas and New Years in

Copenhagen with your children

Coming to Copenhagen for Christmas or New Year’s Eve?

Copenhagen might be quite chilly in December but it is worth dressing for the occasion to enjoy a taste of the Danish “hygge” that is everywhere present in Copenhagen during the Christmas season. Walking the streets of the city as well as taking your kids to explore the events, sights and attractions Copenhagen has to offer will definitely get the whole family in the holiday spirit and add to a wonderful family vacation in Denmark.

And while we are talking about the holiday spirit, lets be honest: seeing the world through your children’s eyes and celebrating Christmas as a family is indescribably wonderful AND it is hard work for the parents. The amount of things we have to bring on flights to make sure that all eventualities are covered is beyond understanding. The length of the cues that we stand in, and the waiting that is involved with bringing so many different shapes and sizes of luggage with you is exhausting. But of course we do it so that our kids – and we – will have the best possible experience in Copenhagen ONCE we arrive. We want the best stroller for those tired short legs and for all the stuff we need to wheel around the city to accommodate the family’s needs, and we want the good, soft prams that our kids can nap comfortably in while we enjoy a warm cup of cocoa in Nyhavn.

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Once you have booked online we will take care of the leg-work and get your order ready for you. So now you can start planning your family’s Christmas vacation to Wonderful Copenhagen, and make sure to read our Copenhagen guide to kids-friendly activities in the city during Christmas and check out our general guide to vacation in Copenhagen with kids which also include a list of playgrounds and baby friendly cafes.

Guide to a cozy and family-friendly Christmastime in Copenhagen

Nyhavn. Copenhagen’s most iconic historical harbor is filled with Christmas spirit during the holiday season. And there is a variety of food and drink for the whole family: ice cream, waffles, warm cocoa, the Danish smørrebrød, sugar roasted almonds, beers from the Danish breweries and of course Danish seafood. Don’t let the cobblestone streets hold you back from strolling along the board walk to see Nyhavn’s lit up houses and its nearby cozy Christmas market— brands like Mountain Buggy and Bugaboo are sturdy enough to weather the Danish winter.

The Kronborg Castle. The Kronborg Castle hosts a cozy Christmas market with a royal twist. The renaissance castle welcomes guests in a torch-lit courtyard with seasonal Danish treats. Kids can enjoy freshly fried apple doughnuts, and adults can treat themselves to mulled wine. The market has a craft show where artists sell unique hand-made gifts, and there is a workshop and Christmas show that are especially designs for children.

Christmas and New Year’s in Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli showcases the best of Copenhagen’s holiday spirit. It has its own Christmas market, gorgeous decorations, lots of sweets, and entertainment for all ages.

Even more Christmas suggestions from

New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen. Many of the city’s hotels and restaurants stay open with festive events on the last day of the year. Celebrate New Year like the Danes by watching the Queen’s New Year’s speech on TV at 18:00 and then have a great New Year’s feast. At midnight, listen to the City Hall clock strike 12, then sing along to the national anthem and have a piece of the traditional marzipan cake, ‘kransekage’, along with a glass of champagne.

The traditional Christmas cabaret. Combine your Christmas visit in Tivoli Gardens with a good laugh inside the iconic music venue, The Glass Hall Theatre. The title of the traditional Crazy Christmas Cabarat is Planet Rump – The Farce Awakens which is performed in English.

Freetown Christiania. Christiania usually hosts a Christmas market, which is an unconventional ‘Yuletide’ (Christmastime) fair reminiscent of an Oriental bazaar. Step into the hustle and bustle and wander through the multitude of stalls offering fine handcrafted items, including jewelry, mirrors, wrought iron candle holders, paper-cut Christmas mobiles, clothes, and leather masks. Take in the scented ambience of this vibrant and very different market in the Grey Hall in Christiania and participate in a time-honored Copenhagen Christmas tradition.

Ice Skating in Frederiksberg. The ice rink at Frederiksberg Runddel by the entrance to Frederiksberg Garden, is transformed into a wonderful ice rink which allows you to have fun on the ice throughout the winter season.

Celebrate in Tivoli Gardens. If you want to combine a classic Copenhagen attraction with a unique celebration of the last night of the year, Tivoli Gardens is the perfect choice. Open on New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy a nice dinner at one of the gardens’ restaurants, take the rides until 10pm and watch the superior fireworks show light the sky at midnight.