rental terms

by renting equipment from baby golightly, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions. We recommend that before completing your booking and payment you read the terms carefully. Baby golightly is owned and operated by baby golightly IVS, CVR no: 36713631.


booking, prices and payment

baby golightly is a digital company, and so all booking and payment take place via our website,, and our customers can pay with card or via Paypal. It is also possible to book online directly at Copenhagen Airport; we work with Aviator’s Ticket Office who handout orders for us and receive them back again, and they have an iPad ready for our customers to book on. The prices shown by each product on our website includes Danish VAT, cleaning, handling and global insurance.


changes, cancellations and refunds

it is possible for our customers to cancel their orders at any time. Cancellations on orders made up to 48 hours before the date of pick up will be fully refunded to the card used for payment. If an order is cancelled without giving at least 48 hours notice, 50 % of the total cost will be refunded to the customer.


to cancel a booking the customer needs to either write an email to [email protected] that include the name and email address initially used to book and a request for cancellation. A successful cancellation of the order will generate an email from baby golightly confirming a successful cancellation. The refund will be visible at the customer’s bank account within 9 business days after the cancellation has been made.


if a customer returns a product before the ordered end date, the excess days will not be refunded.


it is possible to make other changes in an order (such as shorten the rental period, changing to a different product etc.) up to 48 hours before the rental period enters into force. When there are 48 hours until the rental period begins, it will no longer be possible to make further changes to a booking – it will only be possible to cancel the order as described in the paragraph above. If a customer wishes to make changes to the order within 48 hours of the beginning of the rental period, the customer must contact baby golightly via email at [email protected], and then baby golightly will check to see if it is possible to make the requested changes.


in an event of force majure, baby golightly will allow the customer to move their reservation to a different time free of charge.


the customer is entitled to reimbursement at any time under the terms of cancellation and refund as described above. If the customer disagrees with the decision made by baby golightly, they can file a written complaint to [email protected] Baby golightly will deal with the case and respond to the customer’s request within 14 days after the complaint has been submitted.


responsibilities of the customer and for baby golightly

we want to make sure that all our products live up to our customer’s expectations and to provide them with the best possible travel experience. Therefore we clean every one of our products meticulously and make sure that they are in tip-top condition for every rental. We have a great cooperation with Aviator’s Ticket Office in Copenhagen Airport who handout orders for us and receive them back again, and both Aviator and baby golightly are doing everything possible to ensure that all our customers are happy and to help our customers out. And in order to ensure the best possible experience for our customers, we ask our customers to make sure that everything with the order is as it should be.


when the rental period begins and the customer is handed over the order, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment is in good condition before leaving Copenhagen Airport, and also that they have received the correct equipment in compliance with their order confirmation. If there are any concerns or complaints regarding the product, they must be notified to Aviator Ticket Office immediately, and on the spot Aviator will be able to change the wrong product for a right one or to retrieve a different product, in case there is something wrong with the product that was initially handed to the customer.


global insurance

baby golightly covers any theft or damage to the rented product if this should happen during the rental period. Damaged equipment must however still be returned and any exceptions for this has to be approved by our support which can be contacted at [email protected] Baby golightly cannot be held responsible for equipment lost or damaged during the rental and for any effects, this may cause.


however, we do offer our customers to come to baby golightly during the rental if the rented product has been damaged. Then baby golightly will change the rented product to a similar one if such a product is available at the present time. Our customers can always contact [email protected] to inquire if a replacement product is available.


liabilities for the rented products

baby golightly has no product liability in the case of manufacturing defects, design defects or failure of the product to provide proper warning labels. It is the customer’s responsibility to acquire sufficient information regarding the product before using it. However, in the rare case of damage or injury occurring when a product is used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s intent, baby golightly cannot be held responsible.